O.T.O. Japan Mystic 25th Anniversary: Hadit Rising in the East
Join us in historic Kyoto for our 25th Anniversary!

Details are being posted here as they are confirmed. In the meantime, please use the Contact link below to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you there!
Date: Autumnal Equinox, September, 21 & 22
Attendance: Limited to O.T.O. members only (Minerval or above)
Location: Kyoto
The venue is about one hour by bus from JR Sonobe Station, which is approximately 40 minutes from JR Kyoto Station.
(We've chartered a minicoach from JR Sonobe Station for noon of of the 21st.)
Full Details: See our flyer here!
Price Options: 1. 17,500 JPY (175 USD) without T-Shirt
2. 19,500 JPY (195 USD) with T-Shirt

Prices include accommodation (futons), BBQ and breakfast, but not lunch on the 21st & 22nd. (There is a restaurant on-site.)

Registration Deadline:Contact O.T.O. Japan Secretary: secretaryâ—Žotojapan.org
Other Details: No special clothing or regalia is required.
Workshop languages:
 60%-70% English, 30%-40% Japanese.